Three Degrees of Domestication

Between the two of us and Google, we'll figure it out

A little introduction… — May 24, 2017

A little introduction…

Hello there!

What’s the story behind the name?
1.) We (Domesti-Momma and Science Dad) like goofy puns and plays on words.
2.) Between the two of us, we have three college degrees.
3.) Our blog topics will be mostly focused on various aspects of the home.
So, instead of “three degrees of separation,” we came up with “Three Degrees of Domestication.” And history was made. . . Or at least a domain was created.

Why are we starting a blog? There are a few answers to that question. Domesti-Momma recently left her job as a pediatric occupational therapist to raise the baby and toddler full-time. This has taken a toll on her ability to fully form coherent thoughts and shape them into sentences. The babies are stealing her brain cells and she wants them back! This gives her an outlet to share ideas for incorporating child development into everyday activities, fun projects for the family, recipes, etc., while learning something new- blogging! Science Dad is a food scientist who wants to spread some knowledge about what is in your food, how your food is made, and home food safety.

Enough about the blog, who are we? We are a husband and wife who started dating at 16. Fast forward twelve and a half years and we completed college (4 hours apart for 5 years!), got married, got an apartment, bought a house, and have had two babies. We make adorable children. We are pretty good at trivia. We like to cook and spend time with our friends and family.

Thanks for stopping by!

Domesti-Momma and Science Dad